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Application Form: Metallic and Industrial Mineral Lease (PDF, 301 KB) For Crown surface materials leases and exploration approvals apply through Alberta Environment and Parks. Mineral surface lease application. On public land, a mineral surface lease is required, granting approval to occupy the location and conduct mining activities.


An application for the grant of a mining lease shall be made to the State Geologist, H.P. in From-C. Every application for the grant of mining lease shall be accompanied by:- A non-refundable fee of Rs. 5000/- and following documents are required Revenue paper viz Jamabandi/tatima etc. Consents of Land Owners in case of private land

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For instance, a royalty rate of 12.5 percent for coal to be mined by surface mining methods and 8 percent for coal to be mined by underground mining methods is required. There is a diligent development requirement that means commercial quantities of coal must be produced from the lease within 10 years of lease issuance.

Trichy - Apply for Mining License or Lease

Procedure []. This procedure explains various ways to Apply for Mining License or Lease in Trichy. Before applying for a prospecting licence under the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960, the applicant first needs to show identification of a mineral resource.

ML1 Application for a mining lease or mining (mineral ...

Application for a mining lease or mining (mineral owner) lease Form ML1, Mining Act 1992 Regional NSW | DOC20/429510 - July 2020 | 2 When to use this form Complete this form if you are applying for a mining lease or a mining (mineral owner) lease in New South Wales.


5. Name of Mining Lease Site 6. Expected Cost of the Project 7. Select State, District and Tehsil (Multiple entries of Tehsil are allowed) If the Type of Lease is Individual Area or Cluster Area under 5 ha. Form 1M: 8. Location of the Mining Lease site (GPS Co-ordinates) 9. Upload Site Map (Upload KML Only) 10. Capacity of the Mining Lease (TPA ...


" Sampling P erson " means th e Party obli gated for performi ng, or cau sin g to be pe r form ed, sampling of Coal and payin g the costs therefor. " Seller " means t he P arty to a Transaction who i s o bligat ed t o sel l and deli ver or cause to. be delivered Coal during the Term.

EL6 - Application for a coal exploration licence for ...

Form EL6, Mining Act 1992 Regional NSW | DOC20/996599 December 2020| 2 When to use this form Complete this form if you hold an exploration licence for Group 9 (coal), assessment lease for coal and/or mining lease for coal (singularly or in any combination) and are applying for a Group 9 (coal) exploration licence

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Claims may need to be converted to an upland mining lease before minerals can be extracted if other resources are affected. Before locatable minerals can be mined, a mining permit application (APMA or plan of operation and reclamation plan) must be filed and approved. For more information, contact (907) 269-8648 or [email protected]

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Recovery of petroleum from the coal mining lease area. If you hold a coal mining lease, you may lodge an application with the Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment to have petroleum included in the coal mining lease. If this is approved, you may recover petroleum from that lease area, but you will have to pay royalty on the ...

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Mining. Tasmania has remarkable geological diversity and more than a century's history as a significant minerals producer. The State exports ores and concentrates of iron, copper, lead, zinc, tin, high-grade silica and tungsten. The total value of mining and metallurgical …

Apply for a mining licence - Earth Resources

Application process. The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) regulates minerals exploration in Victoria. DJPR's licence application process is outlined below. Applicant submits the application including all compulsory information and pays the fee. Applicant supplies extra information if requested.

Applying for an exploration licence, assessment lease or ...

as a controlled release area. The whole of NSW is a controlled release area for coal. An exploration licence application for coal may only be made in limited circumstances: • By the holder of an existing exploration licence, assessment leases or mining lease for coal (known as 'operational allocation').

Apply for a mining permit | South African Government

A mining permit may only be issued if: the mineral in question can be mined optimally for two years; the mining area does not exceed 1,5 ha. What you should do. Apply online; Pay the prescribed, non-refundable fee. The system will accept the application if all requirements have been met.

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IFRS for mining | IFRS 16 Leases – Practical application guidance 11 Lease definition A lease is a contract, or part of a contract, that conveys the right to use an asset (the underlying asset) for a period of time in exchange for consideration. If a contract contains a lease, then it will generally be on-balance sheet for the lessee.

RCW 79.14.510: Lease—Application, terms, royalties.

Lease — Application, terms, royalties. At any time during the life of the option contract, the holder thereof may apply to the department for a coal mining lease of the lands included therein, or such portion thereof as the holder may specify, for the purpose of mining and extraction of coal therefrom. Such coal mining lease shall be for such ...


control of mining operation through control of coal to be mined Provide the information below for any person or entity who owns or controls the coal to be mined under this permit and who, by lease, sublease, or other contract:

Current environmental authority application or amendment ...

Mining Black Coal Banana Shire ML700057 11 Nov 2019 Application form (PDF, 6.7MB) Application supporting information Part 2 (PDF, 5.9MB) APP0043335: Valeria Coal Holdings Pty Ltd, Leichhardt Coal Pty Ltd, J-Power Australia Pty Ltd, J.C.D Australia Pty Ltd Mining Black Coal

Department of Steel and Mines, Goverenment of Odisha

The Steel & Mines Department is one of the important Departments of Government of Odisha. It works for the development of the mineral resources of the State under the regulatory powers. It also encourages and provides support for value addition and end-use of minerals in the State

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Application for mining lease . Mineral Resources Act 1989(s245) Form MMOL-14 Version 6 . You may make an application for a mining lease electronically using the . MyMinesOnline system. A tender application is to be lodged in accordance with the instructions contained in the relevant tender document.

Leases: Mineral & Placer Titles - Province of British Columbia

A lease is the production tenure for mining. A claim allows the holder to explore and develop the mineral or placer mineral resource, and contains a production limit for mineral claims of 1,000 tonnes of ore in a year from each unit in a legacy claim or each cell in a cell claim, and for placer claims of 20,000 cubic metres of pay dirt from each legacy claim or a cell claim in a year.

Directorate of Geology and Mining, Govt. of Maharashtra ...

Invitation of bids for grant of Mining Lease for Bauxite, Copper, Iron ore, Limestone, Manganese and Tungsten Minerals. Date : 11/05/2016. DGPS Surveyer List. Date : 11/04/2016. Annulment of Auction of Mining Leases. Date : 11/04/2016. Notification of coal. Date : 18/01/2016. Purchase of Articles :- Fuming Cup-board with scrubber. Date : 12/01/2016

Coal and mineral exploration - NSW Resources Regulator

Exploration Authorities. Companies or individuals wishing to explore for coal or minerals in NSW must first obtain an authority under the Mining Act 1992. Exploration authorities include the following: These authorities are approved and regulated by NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Division of Resources and Geoscience.

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The applicant will apply online for license or renewal of license. The licensee is obtained by applying to the Deputy Director of mines/ Mining Officer / Assistant Mining Officer with the list of Minerals along with a fee in the form of online payment. The required document will be attached along with the online application.

Environmental authorities for mining projects ...

Affected persons (including the land's owners) are given a copy of the mining lease application and notice by the resource company. Objection to mining lease application. Any member of the community has the right to make an objection to a mining lease application (that may later be heard in the Land Court) about a proposed mining lease before ...

Apply to explore for coal | Government of Yukon

Apply for a coal lease. After you stake a location, you're required to complete an application for a coal lease. This is known as recording your location. Deadline. You must file your application within a specific period, called travel time. The travel time for coal locations is a minimum of 15 days.


APPLICATION FOR COAL BED METHANE WELL PERMIT State Form 54785 (R / 8-12) / Form A15 ... Non-Commercial Coal Bed Methane - Check the boxes below beside items that are attached to the application: Form A12 – Coal Owner's and Coal Lessee's Consent Forms (Coal is leased), ... Statement of Protection of Coal for Future Underground Mining ...

AL1 Application for an assessment lease

that the application has been lodged (Mining Regulation 2016, cl15(1)). An assessment lease will not be granted until satisfactory copies of advertisements are lodged with the Department. For guidelines on the publication of notices the Department's website.

How to Write a Mining Industry Business Proposal

This video shows how companies write various mining industry proposals, business plans, reports and studies using Proposal Kit. You can create a wide variety of proposals including RFP responses, investment pitches, project proposals, service and product sales, startup business plans, environmental studies, safety plans and so on.

Forms – Alaska Division of Mining, Land, and Water

State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources 550 W. 7th Ave, Suite 1360 Anchorage, AK 99501-3557 Phone: (907) 269-8400 Fax: (907) 269-8901 TTY: Dial 711 or 800-770-8973

Single-window clearance likely for private coal blocks ...

KOLKATA: The government plans to speed up development of coal blocks auctioned to private firms with an online application form and single-window clearance for mining lease, land acquisition and other approvals. It plans to set up a new platform with the help of a software development agency. A coal sector executive said private operators of coal blocks suffered because of problems …

Application Form for Mining Lease Form-I

existing mining lease or prospecting licence or mining lease areas. xii) The area applied for should be marked on plans as detailed below. (a) In case a cadastral Map of the area is available the area on this map of the village, Khasra number and area in hectares of each field and part there of.

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An Application For Surface Mining Permit (Form CN-1097). The form requires information concerning the applicant, company and owners, the mineral to be mined, acreage to be disturbed, type of bond to be filed and name of corporate surety, previous permits, property owners within 500 feet of the operation, and owners of the surface rights and ...

e-Khanij : Mining Lease Application

I/We request that a mining lease under the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 may be granted to me/us. (2).A sum of Rs. 5000 /- Please click on box to enter Challan Details being the fees in respect of this application and preliminary expences respectively. payable under sub-rule (3) of rule 22 of the said rule have been deposited ( vide reciept ...


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